Tuesday, May 22, is Primary Election Day! We would like to congratulate and thank all the Democrats who have put their names forward and have decided to run for office. Below is a list of our Democratic Primary Candidates.

Don’t know what districts you live in?  You can find out on THIS PAGE of the Fayette County Clerk’s website.

Aren’t registered or need to update your voting address?  Visit www.govoteky.com

Click on Office to see candidates.

US Congress - 6th District







Jim Gray
Website: jimgraycongress.com
Email: campaign@jimgraycongress.com
Facebook: Jim Gray for Congress
Twitter: @Jim Gray Congress



Theodore Green
Website: greenpolitical.net
Email: tgpenster12@gmail.com





Daniel Kemph
Website: KemphKY-6.com
Email: Daniel@KemphKY-6.com
Facebook: Daniel Kemph for Congress KY6
Twitter: @KemphKY_6



Amy McGrath
Website: amymcgrathforcongress.com
Email: info@amymcgrathforcongress.com
Facebook: Amy McGrath KY
Twitter: @amymcgrathky



Reggie Thomas
Website: Reggie4KY.com
Email: Reggie@Reggie4KY.com
Facebook: Reggie Thomas KY
Twitter: @ReggieThomasKY



Geoff Young
Website: young4ky.com
Email: energetic@windstream.net
Facebook: Geoffrey M. Young
Twitter: @GeoffYoung4KY


State Senator - 12th District

Paula Setser-Kissick
Website: paula4kysenate.com
Email: contact@paula4kysenate.com
Facebook: Paula for KY Senate
Twitter: @paula4kysenate

State Senate - 22nd District

Carolyn Dupont
Website: dupontforkysenate.com
Email: info@dupontforkysenate.com
Facebook: Carolyn Dupont for KY Senate
Twitter: @Dupont4KYSenate


State Senate - 28th District

Denise Gray
Website: DeniseGray4KY.com
Email: contact@denisegray4ky.com
Facebook: Denise Gray for KY
Twitter: @DeniseGrayforKY


State Senate - 34th District

Susan Byrne Haddix
Email: mshshaddix@gmail.com
Facebook: Haddix for KY Senate


State Representative - 39th District

Russ_MeyerRuss Meyer
Email: russ@reprussmeyer.com
Facebook: Representative Russ Meyer


State Representative - 45th District

Josh Hicks
Website: joshhicksforky.com
Email: info@joshhicksforky.com
Facebook: Josh Hicks for KY
Twitter: @joshhicksforky


State Representative - 56th District

Joe Graviss
Website: joegravissforstaterep.com
Email: joe@joegraviss.com
Facebook: Joe Graviss for State Rep


State Representative - 62nd District

Adam Paul Sovkoplas
Website: SovkoplasforKY.com
Email: AdamforKYrep@gmail.com
Facebook: Adam Sovkoplas for State Representative
Twitter: @SOVKOPLASforKY



Jennifer Urie
Website: jennyurie.com
Email: urieforstaterep@gmail.com
Facebook: Jenny Urie for State Representative



State Representative - 72nd District

Emily Ferguson
Website: fergusonforkentucky.com
Email: info@fergusonforkentucky.com
Facebook: Emily Ferguson for State Rep
Twitter: @ferguson4ky


State Representative - 75th District

Kelly Flood
Website: kellyflood.com
Email: kelly@kellyflood.com
Facebook: Kelly Flood
Twitter: @kellyflood


State Representative - 76th District

Ruth-Ann-PalumboRuth Ann Palumbo


State Representative - 77th District

George Brown, Jr.
Email: georgebrown77@gmail.com
Facebook: George Brown for KY
Twitter: @GeorgeBrownKY77


State Representative - 79th District

Susan-WestromSusan Westrom
Facebook: Representative Susan Westrom
Twitter: @repwestrom

State Representative - 88th District

Josh Mers
Website: joshmers.com
Email: josh@joshmers.com
Facebook: Josh Mers for State Representative
Twitter: @mersky88



Cherlynn Stevenson
Website: cherlynnstevenson.com
Email: cherlynn@cherlynnstevenson.com
Facebook: Cherlynn for State Representative
Twitter: @CherlynnForKY



Gail Swanson
Email: gailswanson18@gmail.com
Facebook: Gail Swanson for State Rep

Commonwealth's Attorney

Lou Anna Red Corn
Website: louannaredcorn.com
Facebook: RedCorn for Commonwealth Attorney

County Judge/Executive

Don Blevins, Sr.
Email: dblevinslx@aol.com
Facebook: Don Blevins Sr.




Eugene Kiser
Email: gene.kiser@gmail.com
Facebook: Eugene L. Kiser for Fayette Judge/Executive

Circuit Court Clerk

John B. Dobson
Website:  votedobson.com
Email: votedobson@gmail.com
Facebook: Dobson for Circuit Court Clerk 2018
Twitter: @votedobson



Vincent Riggs
Website: riggsforcircuitcourtclerk.com
Email: vinceriggs@aol.com
Facebook: Re-Elect Vincent Riggs for Circuit Court Clerk
Twitter: @faycircuitclerk

County Clerk

Don-BlevinsDon Blevins,Jr.


Kathy Witt
Website: sheriffkathywitt.com
Facebook: Sheriff Kathy Witt
Twitter: @SheriffWitt

County Attorney

Larry RobertsLarry S. Roberts

Property Valuation Administrator

David-O'NeillDavid O’Neill
Facebook: Re-Elect David O’Neill, the PVA


Gary GinnGary Ginn

Constable - District 1

Liekiem Broyles
Email: broyles4constable@gmail.com
Facebook: Broyles for Constable



Jeff D. Jacob
Website: jacobforconstable.com
Email: jjacob@twc.com
Facebook: Jeff Jacob



Wade A. McNabb
Website: mcnabbforconstable.com
Email: camapaign@mcnabbforconstable.com
Facebook: McNabb for Constable
Twitter: @mcnabbconstable 

Constable - District 2

Kennth-Wayne Winburn

Constable - District 3

Edward “Eddie” Sparks
Facebook: Re-Elect Edward “Eddie” Sparks Fayette Constable




Richard A. McCulloch
Website: mccullochforconstable.com
Email: info@mccullochforconstable.com
Facebook: McCulloch for 3rd District Constable

County Commissioner - District 2

Doug Rigsby

County Commissioner - District 3

Chrysanthia Carr-Seals

Magistrate - District 1

J. Michael Haskins

Magistrate - District 3

Robert A. Winburn

City races are non-partisan and candidates are not selected through a Democratic Primary. However, below you can find the registered Democrats running in non-partisan city races.


Ronnie Bastin
Website: bastinformayor.com
Email: bastinformayor@gmail.com
Facebook: Ronnie Bastin for Mayor of Lexington
Twitter: @ronniebastin



Teresa A. Isaac
Website: isaacformayor.com
Email: teresa.a.isaac@gmail.com
Facebook: Teresa Isaac for Mayor
Twitter: @mayorisaac



Kevin O. Stinnett
Website: stinnettformayor.com
Facebook: Kevin O. Stinnett for Mayor
Twitter: @KStinnettLexKY

Council At-Large

Harry Clarke
Website: clarkeforcouncil.com
Email: clarkeforcouncil2018@gmail.com
Facebook: Clarke for Council
Twitter: @clarkecouncil18



Arnold Farr
Email: arnold@citycouncilat-large.com
Facebook: Arnold L. Farr for City Council At-Large




Steve Kay
Website: kayforcouncil.com
Email: steve@kayforcouncil.com
Facebook: Steve Kay for Council At-Large
Twitter: @stevekaylex



Lillie E. Miller-Johnson
Email LillieMillerJohnson4CouncilAL@gmail.com




Richard Moloney
Website: richardmoloneyatlarge.com
Email: info@richardmoloneyatlarge.com
Facebook: Richard Moloney for Council Member At-Large
Twitter: @MoloneyAtLarge



Adrian Wallace
Website: WallaceforLexington.com
Email: campaign@WallaceforLexington.com
Facebook: Wallace for Lexington
Twitter: @WallaceforLex


Council District - 1

James Brown
Email: keepbrown01@gmail.com
Facebook: Keep James Brown in the 1st
Twitter: @KeepJamesBrown1



Anita Rowe Franklin


Council District - 2

Joe Smith
Email: keepjosephsmithcouncilmember@gmail.com
Facebook: Councilman Joe Smith for 2nd District

Council District - 3

Jake Gibbs
Website: jakeforcouncil.com
Email: jake@jakeforcouncil.com
Facebook: Jake for Council


Council District - 4

Susan Lamb
Website: lambforcouncil.com
Email: info@lambforcouncil.com
Facebook: Susan Lamb for 4th District

Council District - 5

Liz Sheehan
Website: lizforlex.com
Email: campaign@lizforlex.com
Facebook: Liz Sheehan for Council District 5
Twitter: @lizforlex


Council District - 6

Angela Evans
Website: evansforlex.com
Email: contact@evansforlex.com
Facebook: Re-Elect Angela Evans


Council District - 7

Preston Worley
Website: prestonworleyforlex.com
Email: preston@prestonworleyforlex.com
Facebook: Preston Worley for Council
Twitter: @preston4lex

Council District - 8

Christian Motley
Website: christianmotley.com
Facebook: Christian Motley for 8th District
Twitter: @christianjalil

Council District - 9

Jennifer Mossotti
Website: jennifermossotti.com 
Email: votemossotti@gmail.com
Facebook: Elect Jennifer Mossotti – 9th District
Twitter: @VoteMossotti9th

Council District - 11

David Jones
Website: davidisbetter.com
Email: davidjonesforcouncil@gmail.com
Facebook: David Jones for 11th District
Twitter: @davidisbetter11



Jennifer Reynolds
Website: reynoldsfor11th.com
Email: jenniferreynolds11thdistrict@gmail.com
Facebook: Jennifer Reynolds for 11th



Sandy Shafer
Website: electsandy.com
Email: sandywshafer@gmail.com
Facebook: Sandy Shafer
Twitter: @sandyshafer



Bill Swope
Website: electbillswope.org
Email: bill@electbillswope.org
Facebook: Elect Bill Swope
Twitter: @electbillswope

Council District - 12

Kathy Plomin
Website: plominforcouncil.com
Email: kplomin@yahoo.com
Facebook: Kathy Plomin – 12th District