2019 Democratic Primary Candidates

The 2019 Democratic Primary Season is here!  Below you will find information on the candidates running for our party’s nomination for state-wide constitutional office.

Please feel free to reach out to candidates to learn more about their campaigns or to get involved! A lively primary is a healthy exercise for our party and our democracy!

Click on Office to see candidates.

Candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor

Rocky Adkins & Stephanie Horne
Website: www.rockyforky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/RockyForKy
Twitter: @RockyForKy
Email: contact@rockyforky.com

Andy Beshear & Jaqueline Coleman
Website: www.andybeshear.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AndyBeshearKY
Twitter: @andybeshearky
Instagram: @andybeshearky
Email: contact@andybeshear.com

Adam Edelen & Gill Holland
Website: www.adamedelen.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AdamEdelenKY
Twitter: @EdelenHolland
Instagram: @adamedelenky

Geoff Young & Joshua French
Website: www.young4ky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/geoffrey.m.young.9
Email: energetic@windstream.net

Candidates for Secretary of State

Jason Belcher
Website: www.jasonforkentucky.com
Email: jason2019@jasonforkentucky.com

Jason Griffith
Website: www.jasonsgriffith.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JasonForSoS/
Twitter: @JasonforSOS
Email: jsg@jasonsgriffith.com

Heather French Henry
Website: www.heatherfrenchhenrysos.com
Facebook: facebook.com/heatherfrenchenryforky/
Twitter: @missamerica2000Greg Stu
Instagram: @heatherfrenchhenry
Email: brian@heatherfrenchhenrysos.com

Geoff Sebesta
Website: www.s4sos.politicsky.org
Facebook: facebook.com/geoffsebesta
Twitter: @geoffsebesta
Email: S4SoS@politicsky.org

Candidates for Attorney General

Greg Stumbo
Website: www.StumboForAG.com
Facebook: facebook.com/StumboForAG
Twitter: @StumboForAG
Email: stumboforag@gmail.com

Candidates for State Treasurer

Michael Bowman
Website: www.bowmanforkentucky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/michaelbowmanky
Email: bowmantreasurer@gmail.com

Josh Mers
Website: www.JoshMers.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JoshMers4KY
Twitter: @JoshMers4KY
Email: josh@joshmers.com

Candidates for Auditor of Public Accounts

Kelsey Hayes Coots
Website: www.kelseyforkentucky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kelseyforkentucky
Twitter: @KelseyforKY
Instagram: @KelseyforKY
Email: info@kelseyforkentucky.com

Drew Curtis
Website: www.drewcurtis.com
Facebook: facebook.com/drewcurtisforauditor
Twitter: @drewcurtis

Sheri Donahue
Website: www.donahueforky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Sheri4KY
Twitter: @sheridonah
Instagram: @Sheri4ky
Email: TeamSheri@DonahueForKY.com

Chris Tobe
Website: www.christobe.com
Facebook: facebook.com/chris.tobe.5
Twitter: @tobecb
Email: tobecb384@gmail.com

Candidates for Commissioner of Agriculture

Robert Haley Conway
Website: https://www.conwayforky19.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/Conway2019
Email: robert.conway73@yahoo.com

Joe Trigg
Website: www.joetriggcandidate.com
Facebook: facebook.com/joetriggcandidate/
Twitter: @JoeTrigg4KY
Instagram: @JoeTriggforKYag
Email: joetrigg@yahoo.com