So much is at stake this election! What happens this Election Day will set a course for a generation of Americans and Kentuckians. Voters will have clear choices about the values they want from our elected leaders. We hope you’ll consider voting for our Democratic Candidates on November 3!

We have an amazing slate of candidates representing our Party’s values on the ballot this fall! Below, you’ll find links to learn more about our candidates, find more information about their campaigns, and how to follow them on social media!

On the November Ballot, we have candidates running for the following offices here in Fayette County:

  • President of the United States
  • US Senate
  • US Congress (6th District)
  • KY Senate (13th District)
  • KY House (All 10 Districts in Fayette County)
  • Fayette County Magistrate (District 1)

Don’t know what districts you live in?  You can find out on THIS PAGE of the Fayette County Clerk’s website.

ALSO – please check out our 2020 Voting Information Page for more information on how to cast your ballot this election.


The following races for United State Senate and Congress (6th District) will appear on the ballots for all voters in Fayette County. Click on Office to see our Democratic Nominees!

United States Senate - Amy McGrath

Amy McGrath
Website: amymcgrath.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AmyMcGrathKY
Twitter: @AmyMcGrathKY
Instagram: @AmyMcGrathKY
Email: info@amymcgrath.com


US Congress (6th District) - Josh Hicks

Josh Hicks
Websites: joshhicksforcongress.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JoshHicksKY
Twitter: @joshhicksky
Instagram: joshhicksky
Email: info@joshhicksforcongress.com


Below you will find the our Party’s nominees for for the Kentucky General Assembly (State Senate & State House). In 2020, all State House seats are up for election, and State Senate seats of even-numbered districts. You can find out which State Senate or State House District you live in HERE.  Click on Office to see our Nominees!

State Senator (13th) - Reggie Thomas

Reggie Thomas
Facebook: facebook.com/ReggieThomasKY
Twitter: @ReggieThomasKY

State House (39th) - Carolyn Dupont

Carolyn Dupont
Website:  dupontky.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/dupontky/
Email: info@dupontky.com

State House (45th) - Shirley Mitchell

Shirley Flynn Mitchell
website: shirleyforkentucky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ShirleyForKentucky
Twitter: @ShirleyForKYRep
Email: Shirley4KY@gmail.com

State House (56th) - Lamar Allen

Lamar Allen
Websites: lamarforky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/lamarforky
Twitter: @lamarforky
Instagram: @lamarforky
Email: lamarforky@gmail.com

State House (62nd) - David Mayo

David Mayo
Facebook: David Mayo for State Represenative
Email: campaign@davidmayo.net

State House (72nd) - Todd Neace

Todd Neace
Websites: toddneace4ky.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Neace2020
Email: info@toddneace4ky.com

State House (75th) - Kelly Flood

Kelly Flood
Websites: kellyflood.com
Facebook: facebook.com/RepKellyFlood
Twitter: @kellyflood
Email: info@kellyflood.com


State House (76th) - Ruth Ann Palumbo

Ruth-Ann-PalumboRuth Ann Palumbo


State House (77th) - George Brown

George Brown, Jr.
Facebook: George Brown for KY
Twitter: @GeorgeBrownKY77
Email: georgebrown77@gmail.com


State House (79th) - Susan Westrom

Susan-WestromSusan Westrom
Facebook: Representative Susan Westrom
Twitter: @repwestrom
Email: RepWestrom79@gmail.com

State House (88th) - Cherlynn Stevenson

Cherlynn Stevenson
Website: cherlynnstevenson.com
Facebook: Cherlynn for State Representative
Twitter: @CherlynnForKY
Email: cherlynn@cherlynnstevenson.com

County Magistrate (District 1) 

There is a special election to fill the seat of the Honorable Michael Haskins, the former District 1 Magistrate who recently passed away. Governor Beshear appointed Rosalind Bryant to the seat in June and she is our party’s nominee for the special election. You can find more info on her below.

Magistrate District 1 - Rosalind Bryant

Rosalind Bryant
Facebook: Rosalind Bryant – 1st District Magistrate



City races are non-partisan and candidates. However, below you can find the registered Democrats running in non-partisan city races. You can find out which Council District you live in HERE. Click on Office to see candidates.

Council District 1 - James Brown

James Brown
Facebook: Keep James Brown in the 1st
Twitter: @KeepJamesBrown1
Email: keepjamesbrown@gmail.com


Council District 3 - Hanna LeGris & Jessica Moehler

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Hannah LeGris
Websites: hannahforcouncil.com
Facebook: facebook.com/HannaForCouncil
Instagram: @HannahForCouncil
Email: hannah@hannahforcouncil.com



Jessica Mohler
Facebook: facebook.com/VoteJessicaMohler
Email: votejessicamohler@gmail.com


Council District 4 - Susan Lamb

Susan Lamb
Website: lambforcouncil.com
Email: info@lambforcouncil.com
Facebook: Susan Lamb for 4th District

Council District 5 - Liz Sheehan

Liz Sheehan
Website: lizforlex.com
Facebook: Liz Sheehan for Council District 5
Email: campaign@lizforlex.com


Council District 6 - David Kloiber

David Kloiber
Website: friendsforkloiber.com
Facebook: Friends of Kloiber

Council District 7 - Preston Worley

Preston Worley
Website: prestonworleyforlex.com
Email: preston@prestonworleyforlex.com
Facebook: Preston Worley for Council
Twitter: @preston4lex

Council District 8 - Christian Motley

Christian Motley
Website: christianmotley.com
Facebook: Christian Motley for 8th District
Twitter: @christianjalil

Council District 9 - Whitney Elliot Baxter

Whitney Elliot Baxter
Facebook: facebook.com/WhitneyForCouncil
Email: whitneyelliotbaxter@gmail.com


Council District 11 - Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds
Website: reynoldsfor11th.com
Email: jenniferreynolds11thdistrict@gmail.com
Facebook: Jennifer Reynolds for 11th

Council District 12 - Kathy Plomin

Kathy Plomin
Website: plominforcouncil.com
Email: kplomin@yahoo.com
Facebook: Kathy Plomin – 12th District