2020 Democratic Party Reorganization

REORGANIZATION UPDATE: Due to the rising public health concerns regarding Covid-19, the Kentucky Democratic Party is postponing the 2020 Reorganization Process to a future date. All Precinct Conventions scheduled for March 21 and County/Legislative District Conventions scheduled for April 18 are canceled at this time. We will keep you posted on any updates as they become available. 



Every four years the Kentucky Democratic Party reorganizes itself from the precinct level up. This process results in the election party committee members and officers on the precinct, legislative district, county, Congressional and statewide levels. We hope you will participate in this year’s reorganization process.

There are two steps to the process here in Fayette County.

  • Step 1 is the Precinct Convention (Saturday, March 21 at your polling location).
  • Step 2 is the Legislative District Convention (Saturday, April 18 at Frederick Douglass High School Gym).

Below is a brief description of these processes.

PLEASE NOTE: The process described below IS NOT the Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection Process.  For the DNC Delegate Selection Process please visit: Kentucky Democratic Party – Delegate Selection Process

For a summary of the process detailed on this page, please watch our “FCPD Reorganization 101” video below.

WATCH: Reorganization 101 Video

STEP 1 – PRECINCT CONVENTIONS                        

When:  Saturday, March 21, 10:00 AM
Where: Outside your polling location
Who:     Any registered Democrat who is registered to vote in that precinct as of March 19, 2020
Why:     To elect the precinct’s Democratic Precinct Committee consisting of one man, one woman, one youth (35 or younger)

For a more detailed information please click on the “Frequently Asked Questions – Precinct Convention” feature below. 


If you are interested in serving as your precinct’s “Temporary Presiding Officer” (to bring the convention packet to the polling location, call the precinct convention to order, and preside over the election of the convention’s permanent chair) please complete this online form.

Check out this video on what it means to be a Temporary Presiding Officer:

Watch: Temporary Presiding Officer Video

Still have some questions about the 2020 Precinct Conventions? Then click on our “Frequently Asked Questions – Precinct Conventions” tab below…

VIEW: Frequently Asked Questions - Precinct Conventions

NOTE: If I show up to this Precinct Convention, this is where I get elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention?

No. The Delegate Selection Process for the Democratic National Convention will begin with the caucus held on May 30 – open to any registered Democrat whether or not they participate in the reorganization process.

What is the purpose of the Precinct Committee? 

The Democratic Precinct Committee serves several purposes. The term is four years (2020-2024). The first, immediate responsibility is to attend the Legislative District (LD) Convention on April 18 to elect an LD Chair & Vice Chair and delegates to the state convention.

Other than this immediate responsibility, precinct committee members will help distribute information regarding candidates, campaign opportunities, and events of the Fayette County Democratic Party to voters in the precinct.  Ideally, precinct committee members will help us turn out the vote in their precinct for our candidates.

On rare occasions, the precinct committee members may be called upon to vote for the party’s nominee in the occurrence of a vacancy on the ballot or the selection of a nominee for a special election created by a vacancy in an elected office.

If on Saturday, March 21, I have questions about my precinct convention, who should I contact?

If you have a question about how to conduct the meeting in the absence of a “Temporary Presiding Officer” (see question below) – you can contact the FCDP HQ at 268-4448.

If you have a question about your polling location, you can find this information by visiting the County Clerk’s website – https://www.fayettecountyclerk.com/web/elections/votingLocations.htm

What if I show up and no one else is there, not even the “Temporary Presiding Officer”?

If this happens, don’t worry. Please wait a few minutes to see if someone does show up. There is a chance that no one volunteered to be the Temporary Presiding Officer. If that is the case, those who are there (whether it is just you or a group of other Dems) can go ahead and conduct the election of the precinct committee. You can find a detailed description of how to conduct this business below. If you would like assistance in this process, please call FCDP HQ at 268-4448. The line may be busy, please be patient and keep trying.

If you would like to volunteer to be the “Temporary Presiding Officer” for your precinct, to collect the packet and convene the convention, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

But what if I’m the only one? Or just two of us are interested in being elected? Must the full precinct committee be elected?

If the convention is only able to elect one or two of the precinct committee members, that is fine. Please go ahead and get that information to HQ (431 S. Broadway)


1. What if it is raining/storming, will the conventions be moved to another date?

No. Rain or shine, the precinct conventions will be held at 10:00 AM at the precinct’s polling location.

2. What if my polling location is locked?

This will most likely be the case. The precinct convention will be held outside of the polling location (by the door, in the parking lot, etc).

3. Who presides over the convention?

Across the county, individuals have volunteered to be the “Temporary Presiding Officer” of the precinct convention. These individuals will call the meeting to order, pass around a sign-in sheet, read the opening statement, and then preside over the election the “Permanent Presiding Officer” of the precinct convention. The “Permanent Presiding Officer” will then preside over the election of the precinct committee: one man, one woman, and one youth (35 and younger). NOTE: the “Permanent Presiding Officer” CAN be nominated and elected to a precinct committee position.

The precinct packet brought to the precinct convention consists of: cover sheet, agenda, opening statement, meeting minutes form, precinct committee members’ information sheet, and sign-in sheet for attendees.

4. How do we conduct the precinct convention if NO “Temporary Presiding Officer” is present?

This could very well happen.  We have 287 precincts in Fayette County and not all precincts had someone volunteer to serve in this capacity.  But don’t worry – the precinct convention can still continue.

If this the case, please do the following:

In the absence of a “Temporary Presiding Officer” any registered Democrat that lives in the precinct can call the precinct convention in order. Once it is called to order, the following should happen:

  1. Take attendance. Have everyone sign in even if it is only you.  Name, address, phone, to verify you are a Democrat in the correct precinct.
  2. Elect a presiding officer to run the meeting. Select a person to take minutes (and minutes should include time, place, nominations and election results).
  3. Elect a Committee Man.
  4. Elect a Committee Woman.
  5. Elect a Committee Youth (35 or younger).
  6. Elect a Precinct Chair from among these three.
  7. Adjourn the meeting.
  8. The newly elected committee chair or the presiding officer should then take the sign-in sheets and convention minutes to FCDP HQ at 431 S. Broadway.

NOTE: If only one or two of these precinct committee positions are elected at the convention, that is fine. This will not impact the validity of the convention.

If you have any question, call FCDP HQ at 859-268-4448. Understand, the phones may be busy. Keep calling until you get an answer. (And listen to the outgoing message for the information you may need.)

5. Who is eligible to be elected to a precinct committee?

Eligibility – Lives in the precinct and is a Democrat registered no later March 19, 2020

NOTE: According to the Kentucky Democratic Party Bylaws, no person shall act as a member of the Precinct Committee who has failed to support the nominees of the Party at the preceding general election. The incumbent County Executive Committee shall be the judge of the qualifications of the Precinct Committee members, subject to their right to appeal to the State Central Executive Committee.

6. How should votes be cast?

If two or more persons are nominated for an office or position, the vote must be taken by secret ballot with all nominees listed in alphabetical order by last name.

7. What if there is a tie vote?

In the event that a vote of the Precinct Committee results in a tie, the ballot shall be re-cast (by secret ballot for only those persons tied). If the re-balloting still results in a tie, the opposing parties or candidates shall flip a coin immediately and before the body of the meeting to decide the outcome of the election.

8. What if I want to appeal the process or outcome of my precinct convention?

All contests or disputes arising after the election of Precinct Committees shall be decided in accordance with Article IX, Section A of the KDP By-laws.

9. I am excited and want to participate. What should I do to prepare?

Great!  There are a couple things you should do.

  1. If you know you will be attending, volunteer to be appointed “Temporary Presiding Officer!”  We will be appointing “Temporary Presiding Officers” beginning in March. The County Party will reach out to you with instructions on when and how to pick up the precinct convention packet.
  2. You can self-nominate for your precinct committee by completing the self-nomination form with the Kentucky Democratic Party. This will help to ensure that your name is put in consideration for election to the precinct committee. Completing this pre-convention nomination IS NOT REQUIRED. Any eligible Democrat can be nominated during the precinct convention. Please note: Only those in attendance can vote. Completing a pre-convention nomination only means that those in attendance will have your name to consider – it does not guarantee that those in attendance will elect you to the committee. And if no precinct convention is held, there is no automatic election. Attendance is not required, but it is a good idea! (UPDATE: the pre-nomination deadline of March 6 has passed.  BUT pre-nomination IS NOT REQUIRED!)
  3. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS! The purpose to these precinct conventions is to strengthen our precinct level operations. Asking your friends and neighbors to participate is a great way to help us build a stronger party! The more the better!


When:  Saturday, April 18, 10:00 AM
Where: Frederick Douglass High School Gym (2000 Winchester Rd)
Who Can Attend:  Any Democrat registered to vote in Fayette County as of March 19, 2020
Who Can Vote:  Those Precinct Committee Members elected on March 21, 2020 (Vote weighted by precinct’s Dem registration)
Why:     To elect the Democratic Legislative District (LD) Chair & Vice Chair and the LD’s delegates to the Congressional & State Convention on June 6 (in Louisville).

For a more detailed information please click on the “Frequently Asked Questions – Legislative District Conventions” feature below. 

VIEW: Frequently Asked Questions - Legislative District Conventions

What is the purpose of the Legislative District (LD) Chair & Vice Chair?
The Chair & Vice Chair of each Legislative District (LD) will service on the FCDP Executive Committee.  (Chair as a voting members, Vice Chair as a non-voting member.) The LD Chair & Vice Chair must be of opposite sexes.  The term is four years (2020-2024).

Besides sitting on the FCDP Executive Committee, LD Chairs & Vice Chairs will be responsible for communication with precinct committee members regarding candidates, campaign and volunteer opportunities, and events with the Fayette County Democratic Party. Additionally, LD Chairs & Vice Chairs will assist in finding individuals for the FCDP Executive Committee to consider for available At-Large positions on the Executive Committee.

LD Chairs will convene at the close of the LD Conventions to elect the County Party Chair and Vice Chair.

What is the purpose of the Legislative District Delegates to the State Convention?
Delegates to the State Convention elected by the LD Conventions will convene on June 6 in Louisville to elect members of the Kentucky Democratic Party State Central Committee.

I want to go to Milwaukee as a Delegate to the National Convention. Is the LD Convention where DNC Delegates are determined?
No, delegates to the Democratic National Convention are selected through a separate Delegate Selection Process that will begin on May 30, after the Kentucky Democratic Primary..

As information on the delegate selection process becomes available, FCDP will post this information (similar to this post regarding reorganization).

I was not elected as a Precinct Committee Member, but I am still interested in running for LD Chair, Vice Chair or Delegate to State Convention. Can I still participate in the LD Convention?
Any Democrat registered in Fayette County as of March 19, 2020, is eligible for election as LD Chair, Vice Chair or Delegate to State Convention. But only those elected at the precinct conventions will be eligible to vote in those elections. But, yes, please, show up and express your interest, get someone to nominate you, and stand for election!

PLEASE NOTE: Votes at the LD Conventions are weighted by the number of registered Democrats in each precinct.


Click below to see a graphic respresentaiton of the reorganization process.



  • Phone:  859.268.4448
  • Email:  fayettedemocratsky@gmail.com