There is so much at stake. If we can get as many Democrats in Fayette County to the polls as possible we know there will be a great deal to celebrate this evening!  We need your help to send Amy McGrath to Congress and our AMAZING state legislative candidates to Frankfort!


Polling Hours

Polls will be open until 6:00 PM.  PLEASE NOTE: If you are in line at the polling location by 6:00 PM you will be allowed to cast your vote.

Polling Locations

You can find your polling location and a sample ballot on this website provided by the Fayette County Clerk’s Office:  https://www.fayettecountyclerk.com/web/elections/verifyvoter.htm

Polling Problems

If you experience something you believe is irregular while at your polling location, or are wrongly turned away from the polls, please give us a call at (859) 268-4448.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Election Day Information page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Election Day.

Democratic Candidates

You can see a list of Democratic candidates on our 2018 Democratic Candidates Page.

Rides to the Polls
If you or someone you know needs a ride to the polls, please call our HQ Rides to the Polls Hotline at (859) 229-8165 or our HQ line at (859) 268-4448.

Weather Forecast

We are hoping for nice weather this Election Day, but there is a slight chance of rain throughout the day.  On your way out the door, grab an umbrella just in case!