The 2018 elections may seem far away, but we cannot delay. Any contribution you can make TODAY will help us continue our party building efforts in preparation for election victories next year!

We’ve already been busy this year reaching voters and engaging volunteers. But funds are needed to continue these efforts and institute new ones! Your donation will enable us to cover the rent for our headquarters, and purchase and maintain our computers, printers and phones. Your support will help us pay for our web site, our e-mail distribution, and materials for training and canvassing programs like Walk the Talk. Your contribution will allow us to represent our local party at public events such such as the Pride Festival, July 4th, Latino Festival, Roots & Heritage Festival, and the Woodland Arts Fair.

This appeal is our major fundraiser this year.  Instead of spending money on a large dinner we want to put all of the donations we receive toward the valuable work that we are doing.

You can make your contribution online by clicking here.

Every contribution, regardless of the amount, will make an impact on our efforts to get Democrats elected! Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

For those who have already given: we sincerely thank you!