Democratic Precinct Conventions: April 10, 10:00 AM
Virtual Conventions will take place at a Statewide Online Zoom Meeting. Nominations for precinct delegates will begin on March 15 and go through April 12.
To nominate yourself or someone else in your specific precinct, please visit or call our HOTLINE at 833-468-6835 to nominate yourself or someone else in your Precinct. Each Precinct will elect one male, one female and one youth 35 years of age or younger to vote for members to the County Executive Committee and Congressional District Conventions.
Your Democratic Precinct Convention is the first step toward becoming active in the Democratic Party, and possibly serving on your County Democratic Executive Committee or the KDP State Central Executive Committee. Any Democrat registered in your precinct by April 8, 2021 can attend, nominate, and run for election to the Precinct Committee.
For more information about the Conventions or this process, please contact us at or call 833-468-6835.
If you do not know the name of your precinct, or whether you are registered to vote in your precinct, you should contact your local County Clerk’s office or visit