Steve Banahan, Sr. Award

The Steve Banahan, Sr. Award was established in 1973 to honor Mr. Banahan, who served as Chief Deputy Clerk in the Fayette County Clerk’s office and as a Democratic leader for decades, including two terms as the Chairman of the Fayette County Democratic Party.  This award honors Mr. Banahan and reminds us all of the personal sacrifice, determination, creativity, initiative, dependability, and enthusiasm it takes to have a successful Democratic Party.  The Steve Banahan Sr. Award is awarded annual to the outstanding Fayette County Democrat who best exemplified these traits during the year.  

Past Recipients

Donna Moore Campbell (2018)
Michael Haskins (2017)
Alayne White (2016)
Gov. Steve Beshear (2015)
Ann Garrity (2014)
Rep. Jesse Crenshaw (2013)
Brenda McClanahan (2013)
Gina Bess (2012)
Lil and Len Press (2012)
Kathy Stein(2011)
Paula Lewis (2011)
Carol Raitz (2010)
Betsy Farley (2009)
Bob McNulty (2009)
Jennifer Miller (2008)

David O’Neill (2007)
Jane Jensen (2006)
Martha Moore (2005)
Kaye Craig Morris (2004)
Mike & Yogi Mathis (2002-03)
Marjorie L. Robbins (2001)
Julius E. Rather (1995-2000)
Bob Babbage (1994)
Mary Preston (1993)
Joy Fugazzi (1992)
Esther Brown (1991)

Louis Mack (1991)
Ernesto Scorsone (1990)
Joy Norsworthy (1989)
Norrie Wake (1988)
Kim Kearns (1987)
Michael R. Moloney (1986)
Donna Moloney (1985)
Carol Angel (1984)
Fred & Jean Trogdon (1983)
Dottie & John Jeter (1982)
Charles Baesler, Jr.  (1981)

Lanelle Woods (1980)
Ed & Jane Hahn (1979)
G. Stanley Milligan (1978)
Raymond Hampton (1977)
Sharon Calton (1976)
Gregg Clendenin (1976)
George Mills (1975)
Polly Vicars (1974)
Mike Maloney (1973)
“Mr. Bob” Rives (1972)

Louie Mack Next Generation Award

The Louie Mack Next Generation Award, established in 2007, is presented annually in recognition of inspirational contributions by a Fayette County Democrat between 18 and 35 years old. The Louie Mack Next Generation Award specifically recognizes exceptional contributions such as dedication, determination, leadership potential, talent, and vision. Nominees should be highly respected by their peers, demonstrate sound ethical and moral standards, and, having been so recognized and nominated, will be inspired to remain active in the Democratic Party.

Past Recipients

McKayla Weaver (2018)
Christian Motley (2017)
Josh Monroe (2016)
Josh Mers (2015)
Mike Moynahan (2014)
Liz Fossett (2013)
Clint Morris (2012)
Andrea Ewen (2011)
Chad Aull (2010)
P. Branden Gross (2009)
Nathan Dickerson (2008)