Kentucky Changes to Legislative Session End Dates and Special Sessions Amendment

  1. The amendment would remove specific legislative session end dates from the constitution and provide instead that odd-year sessions are limited to 30 legislative days and even-year sessionsare limited to 60 legislative days.
  2. The amendment would allow the state legislature to set the legislative end date by statute or joint resolution and to change the end date of the legislative session through a three-fifths vote in each chamber.
  3. It would also allow the House speaker and the Senate president to jointly call a special legislative session for up to 12 days.
  4. The measure would also add that laws, except general appropriations, take effect on July 1 in the year the act was passed or 90 days after it was approved, whichever is later.

This amendment allows the legislature to increase its power over how legislative sessions are conducted. In particular, it gives the legislature power to call a special session, which currently can only be done by the governor.