Special Election – 62nd House District

Between now and March 8, we will be working to elect our Democratic Nominee Chuck Tackett to the Kentucky State House. In this effort, we will need your help.  Though the 62nd District (Scott, Owen and Fayette Counties) has only two Lexington precincts, the results of this election will have a major impact on the lives of all Lexingtonians.

What is at stake? Control of the State House.  The outcome of this election, as well as the three other special elections taking place across the Commonwealth, could tip the balance of power in the legislature and will carry with it many policy ramifications that will affect the daily lives of all Kentuckians.

Without our majority in the State House to stop them, the Senate GOP legislative priorities will quickly become law.  And soon.  We aren’t talking about sometime in the distant future or even the next General Assembly. We are talking about now.  Without Democratic wins this March, these priorities could be passed before the end of spring.  The Senate Republicans have made their legislative mission clear: busting the unions through so-called right-to-work, weakening public education through the establishment of charter schools, restrictions on reproductive health and education, lowering public works standards and the repeal of the prevailing wage, and the list goes on and on and on.

Chuck Tackett, former Scott County magistrate, farmer and businessman, is our Democratic Nominee for this special election.  Chuck is a leader who will fight for commonsense solutions to the issues facing our Commonwealth.  Chuck understands that we must invest in education and infrastructure. Chuck will be a voice in Frankfort that fights for economic and educational opportunities for ALL Kentuckians.

Learn more about Chuck Tackett on his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

And, of course, SIGN UP HERE TO VOLUNTEER Any time you can give will help ensure that the GOP cannot dismantle the progress made under Governor Beshear’s leadership and that, moving forward, all Kentuckians will have a voice in deciding our future.