Walk the Talk Program

In an effort to engage Democratic voters and increase Democratic participation in the 2018 midterm elections, a coalition of citizen Democrats, allied organizations, and the Fayette County Democratic Party have instituted the Walk the Talk program. (A full list of coalition partners coming soon.)

The Mission: 

To hear from Democratic voters what issues are important to them and what motivates them to go vote!  Ultimately, this information will help our party and our candidates better engage the voters we need for victories in 2018!

The Strategy:

There is no reason to wait till the fall of 2018 to start knocking doors! The Walk the Talk program will resemble a traditional canvassing effort – but with a twist! Instead of promoting a candidate or making a pitch to the voter we will be there, at their door, to HEAR FROM THEM!  That’s why we are calling our volunteers “Listeners” and not “Canvassers.”

Collectively, our Listeners will go to the doors of THOUSANDS of targeted Democratic voters who our candidates will NEED in 2018! Listeners will ask these voters what issues they think are important, what motivates them to go to the polls, and what they look for in a candidate for office. The data from these conversations will be collected and used to keep these voters informed and engaged from now until Election Day! But we need your help to reach the numbers of voters needed to make this effort effective!




Sign Up to be a Listener!

Feel frustrated by the current state of politics in our country and state? Feel like you want to do more? Then sign up to be a Listener with the Walk the Talk program!  It’s easy.  Sign up.  Get Trained.  Start Walking!

In April, and then throughout the summer, we will be providing training to individuals who want to be a Walk the Talk Listener! During the training we will prepare you for this experience: information on why/how we are targeting these voters, some analysis of recent election results, the impact turning out our targeted voters could have in 2018, techniques for talking to voters, and an overview of program logistics. Once you’ve completed the training we’ll have your Walk the Talk packets there and read to go!

UPDATE: Our April trainings were a great success!  Want to join fellow Listeners out in the field?  Then SIGN UP HERE for updates regarding future training dates and dedicated Walk the Talk opportunities.  (We anticipate adding additional training dates beginning in June!)

Tell Your Friends!

Are your friends saying they wish there was something they could do?  Please, tell them about this program and share the link to this page!  The more Listeners we have the greater number of voters we can reach!

Don’t Want to Walk? You Can Still Volunteer

Don’t want to walk but would still like to volunteer?  That’s fine. We’ll need an array of volunteers to help stuff packets, follow up with Listeners, enter data, etc.  You can still join us for a training date (above) or shoot us an email at fayettedemocratsky@gmail.com for more information.

Make a Donation!

Please consider making a small contribution to help cover the cost of printing and logistics. A donation of $25 will approximately cover the cost of engaging 75-100 voters.  You can make a donation online here.