Calling all Dems! All Hands on Deck!! Our Candidates Need Our Help Now!!

Since November 9, 2016, we have marched, rallied, protested, registered voters, knocked doors, and made phone calls all in an effort to elect our Democratic candidates on November 6, 2018.  For almost two years, we have demonstrated our resolve to elect candidates who will truly represent us.

But, now it’s time to double-down!

With just six weeks remaining we must work even harder to send our State House and Senate candidates to Frankfort and Amy McGrath to Congress.

Beginning Tuesday, October 2, the Fayette County Democratic Party will begin weekday canvasses and phone banks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM. As well, we will continue our weekend schedule with two shifts on Saturdays–10:00 AM and 1:30 PM and one shift on Sundays–1:30 PM.

The FCDP has 100 priority precincts to cover between now and Election Day. We cannot do this without your help!

Our candidates need our help now more than ever. We hope you will find a few hours in your schedule to help us elect our outstanding slate of candidates.

Please, please click here to sign-up to volunteer!!!