This week the Kentucky General Assembly began the 2017 legislative session. And it hasn’t taken long for the GOP-controlled House and Senate to act on their regressive legislative priorities for our Commonwealth.

So far we have seen movement on bills that would restrict reproductive rights, bust unions, dismantle secondary education, and target our LGBTQ community. This is only the beginning.

Please consider following the groups below. These groups are either on the ground in Frankfort opposing legislation that would send our state on a backward course or are legislative advocates for progressive policies. These groups will have up-to-date information, calls to action (info on rallies and contacting legislators), and are a great resource for staying informed throughout the session. Consider not only following, but liking and sharing their posts in order to amplify the message!

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana & Kentucky (PPINK)
Kentucky AFL-CIO
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
Kentucky Education Association
Fairness Campaign
Lexington Fairness
Kentucky Democratic Party
Kentucky Young Democrats
Kentucky Center for Economic Policy
Kentucky Equal Justice Center


You can find the language of bills that have been introduced on the Legislative Research Commission’s Legislative Record Online and sign up for alerts on the progress of legislation via Bill Watch.

Legislative action in Frankfort can often move quickly. We want to make sure that Democrats here in Lexington have access to the resources they need to keep an eye on what our legislative bodies are doing! As we identify more resources we will make sure to share their information via email or on our Facebook page.

Also, please let us know how you would like to help in 2017 by completing our Online Volunteer Form!